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Supporting instrumental music in the Zionsville community

Good News!   Due to your continued generosity, we have met our most recent goal of $250,000 in the Zionsville High School Musical Instrument Endowment.


Set of 6 Pearl marching bass drums purchased for the Marching Eagles drumline.  Cost of drums was $4407.00 and were purchased with funds from the Musical Instrument Endowment

Musical Instrument Endowment funds were used to purchase 2 Tanglewood 7/8 size cellos and 3 Beco Stradivarius full size cellos at a total cost of $6490. Also purchased from the funds were 5 padded carrying bags for string basses at a cost of $315.

Our Mission


Play on Zionsville is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit whose work supports the Musical Instrument Endowment, a component fund of the Community Foundation of Boone County. From time to time, Play on Zionsville will support other instrumental endeavors in the Zionsville community.


Play On Zionsville, Inc. was established in 2015 as a 501(c) 3 with a primary purpose of overseeing the Zionsville Band and Orchestra Musical Instrument Endowment, held at the Community Foundation of Boone County. This fund’s intent is to provide long term monies for the traditionally larger and/or more expensive instruments, played by multiple students over many years. We have held multiple fundraisers to help grow this endowment. Play On Zionsville, Inc. also has the broader purpose of supporting all instrumental music in the Zionsville community.

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