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Supporters of the performing arts understand that music programs are an essential part of our educational system.  Music provides students with a means to self-expression, creativity, camaraderie, individual as well as team-work, and even cross-cultural exposure.  Music is something to be studied on its own merits.


Band and Orchestra

We provided a total of $1,726 for sheet music to bands and orchestras of Zionsville Middle School and Zionsville West Middle School. Funds came from a combination of POZ fundraising and private donations.



Complete Sound System +Microphones for the Marching Eagles. $6448.80


2 violins & 2 violas for Orchestra. $3899.00



Set of 6 Pearl marching bass drums purchased for the Marching Eagles drumline.   Cost of drums was $4407.00 and were purchased with funds from the Musical Instrument Endowment


Yamaha marching tuba purchased from the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps at a cost of $3,900.  Purchase made with Musical Instrument Endowment funds.
Musical Instrument Endowment funds were used to purchase 2 Tanglewood 7/8 size cellos and 3 Beco Stradivarius full size cellos at a total cost of $6490. Also purchased from the funds were 5 padded carrying bags for string basses at a cost of $315. 


Play On Zionsville provided $3000 toward the purchase of a vibraphone for the  Zionsville Middle School band. (full cost of instrument: $4192)
Endowment funds were used to purchase 3 more marching baritones for the Zionsville Marching Eagles . Total cost: $4800


Pickups and Orchestral Percussion
Set of 19 pickups for string instruments to help create an electric orchestra. Also purchased various orchestral percussion instruments. Purchases made from Endowment funds for a total cost of $6803.75 for the Zionsville High School Orchestra
Marching Baritones
2 baritones purchased from Endowment funds at a cost of $3510.00 for the Zionsville H.S. Marching Eagles


Purchased from Endowment funds for $12,049 for the Zionsville High School Band.


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